Westward Ho Restaurants Pig & Olive Wood Fired Pizza Sign

I have been visiting Westward Ho for years. I’m a surfer, not a very good one, but I try my hardest. Westward Ho, is the place we keep going back to, to catch some great waves. During this time I’ve tried many Westward Ho restaurants, some good, and some really bad.

Recently a little surf cafe, which was known for cheap and cheerful food, coffee and tea. Has had a major transformation.

Westward Ho Restaurants: Pizza At The Pebbles

The Pebble Ridge Cafe used to do burger van style food, and lots of nachos, with Costco toppings. The prices were cheap, so you really couldn’t expect, too much from the food. The burgers were great for a post-surf session though.

During the last year or so, it has changed hands, and now in the hands of Pig & Olive. Who has done a wonderful job of transforming, a so-so cafe, to a top-notch pizza restaurant.

Are they the best pizzas outside of London? Hell yes! They are all made on site, using sourdough pizza base, and cooked in the wood-fired oven. The smell of pizzas cooking must be what heaven smells like!

What To Eat At Pig & Olive

They only sell pizza, ice cream, soft & low alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee and amazing hot chocolate. So, they have a large list of pizzas that they can make up. Or you can ask them to make a customised pizza. During our recent stay in Westward Ho we visited 4 times. So we had plenty of time to test as many as we could.

Westward Ho Restaurants Pig & Olive Pizza

Our favourite pizza was the Pig & Olive. Yes, they do have a pizza that they named after themselves… wouldn’t you?! The topping on this pizza is pulled pork with black olives, as well as the usual marinara sauce, and cheese. My lord, the combination works really well. It reminds me of a pulled pork burger without the heavy buns. The base of their pizzas is so light and crispy. You can eat a large one to yourself without feeling stuffed.

Westward Ho Restaurants Ham and Pineapple Pizza

This choice maybe an unpopular one with people… I thought the ham and pineapple pizza was awesome! They only put a little bit of pineapple on and a lot of ham. So it’s not overpoweringly sweet but you can taste the sweetness in it.

Westward Ho Restaurants Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Room for dessert? For me, that’s a stupid question as I will always make room! If you fancy something sweet after your pizza feast. You should try their ice cream. They don’t make it themselves but it’s from a local farm. I obviously had to try the salted caramel ice cream. It was creamy and tasted of proper ingredients. The cone was nice, but after eating all that pizza base, I could have just done with the ice cream in a bowl.

Westward Ho Restaurants Teetotal G n T

G’n’T lovers rejoice! If you are driving or heading into the surf after fueling up. You don’t have to forgo your beloved G’n’T. They serve a Teetotal G’n’T that actually tastes like the real thing. I was surprised at how real it tasted. It also has the same amount of calories as a slimline G’n’T. If it isn’t your thing, they have lots of alcohol-free beers, as well as the usual Pepsi, Fanta etc.

Do they do take away?

Yes! You can call up in advance and arrange a pickup time. But in all honesty, you wouldn’t have to wait long, if you popped in and ordered straight away. The pizzas only take a couple of minutes to cook.

After speaking with the owners they are considering doing pizza deliveries. Which is perfect, because I would order a pizza from them over Dominos, any day!

Have you tried any Westward Ho restaurants?

As mentioned before I’m always going on surf trips Westward Ho. I would love to hear your thoughts on the best Westward Ho restaurants. I’m still on the lookout for somewhere that sells awesome cake. So if you know a place, drop me an email or leave a comment.