Essence Makeup Nail Polish in 02 Across The Universe

I’ve used a few different products from Essence Makeup. I’ve been generally pleased with the quality and results. Obviously, some products are much better than others.

I’ve tried a highlight palette, which one colour works as a bronzer, as I’m so pale. I have also tried 5 nail polishes in total. Plus I was sent an eyeshadow palette from Glossybox last month. So I’ve had plenty of experience testing out Essence Makeup.

Essence Makeup Out of Space Stories Nail Polish

After using 3 nail polishes that were sent to me by a PR, which I thought was pretty good. I decided to buy a different type of nail polish from the Essence Makeup range. As I wanted to try something a little bit different, I went for 2 colours from the Out of Space Stories range. Which I think actually comes in 3 different colours. I guess you can call the range holographic.

Essence Makeup Nail Polish Light Pink

The first colour I tried was a really pretty light pearly pink colour. As I’m so pale, I think the colour, was far too light for me. The texture felt very grainy and not like an average nail polish. So it was a little difficult to apply. It was fast drying and looked pretty good on. I was sad that it wasn’t long-lasting. It started chipping on the second day. By, the 4th day, I had to remove it, as it looked so bad.

It took me a little while to try the second colour after my first experience. Two weeks ago I decided it was about time to actually give it a go.

Essence Makeup Nail Polish in 02 Across The Universe

The second colour I tried was in the colour 02 Across The Universe. It’s a pearly purple colour. Which suited my skin tone a lot better than the light pink. What really surprised me was the formula. Even though it’s from the same nail polish range it felt different. It was much easier and smoother to apply. It was also very fast drying.

My biggest surprise is how long-lasting the purple colour one was. I really put it through some tough tests and it passed. I applied the nail polish 2 days before I went on a surf trip. Yep, Two days! I really hadn’t thought that through. Anyway, before I went away, it didn’t chip at all. Which was great, as the lighter coloured one chipped, on the second day. Surfing is tough on nails, so I was expecting, for most of it to come off after my first session. I was wrong! I came away with one chip. The second surf session of the trip did the most damage.

By the end of surf trip, I was in major need, of removing the colour. Which isn’t surprising due to the tough sport I put it through. Not only did the colour last much longer than I thought it would. I felt it actually protected my nails against the elements. The condition of my nails didn’t suffer from the surf trip either. When it usually does.

The Essence Makeup Out Of Space Stories colour 02 Across The Universe is a fine example of giving a product a second chance. It also goes to show, that the same product in a different colour, can have different results.

Have you ever tried an Essence Makeup product?

Which one have you tried? If you haven’t tried any, you can pick some up at Wilko, and I believe Primark in Ireland. Let me know if you have tried it or picked anything up. I love to hear your thoughts.