Have you seen the Chinese Bubble Waffle that is all over Instagram? As a massive foodie, I knew straight away, it was something I had to try.

First off, let me explain what they are… Basically, they are egg waffles. They originate from China (Obvs). They were created as a way, to use up the eggs, that were broken on the way to market.

If you live in London, you can easily find them, in ChinaTown. Most of the Chinese bakeries do them, as well as the fish waffles… which is next on my list to try!

Trying A Chinese Bubble Waffle at Bubble Wrap London

On a recent girls day out in London. My cousin’s girlfriend, Hannah, suggested we try a Chinese Bubble Waffle. My answer to this was a massive YES! Not knowing much about them, other than seeing them on Instagram, and really wanting to try them. She suggested where we could go to get one.

We went to Bubble Wrap London, which is very close to the W Hotel in Leicester Square. As a popular tourist location, and perhaps, due to the popularity of the place. There was a long queue. I mean long! We waited in it for 30 minutes. Yes, there were other places we could go. But, as this place only sells, Chinese Bubble Waffles, we thought it had to be good.

There really is no point deciding what you want when you join the queue. Whilst we were waiting, they had run out of many of the ingredients. Which was good because I was stuck between choosing the Fudge Lover and the Caramel Banana. Instead, I had salted caramel ice cream, banana and a large drizzle of caramel.

It was delicious! The only warning I have, is you need to eat the waffle quickly. They start to crack, and will end up on the floor… Or in my case, in my Primark bag! I think I lost about 3 or 4 bubbles. The waffles taste like a thick non-sweet pancake, which is handy, as you can also get savoury toppings. I have a major sweet tooth, so a savoury one was never going to float my boat. The girls also had sweet ones. I can’t remember which ones they had. I was too focused on eating the deliciousness, that was in my hand. Before the ice cream melted everywhere.

Would I recommend a Chinese Bubble Waffle?

Yes, 100%! If I wasn’t trying to cut down on my sugar intake. I would be there right now. Eating another combination. I do want to try the fish version. Which I believe, is very similar, it’s just a waffle in the shape of a fish. Most of them come with Matcha Ice Cream. I don’t like Matcha. So I will be requesting another filling.

Have you tried one? Let me know where you had yours and what combination of fillings you had.