Branding Your Blog The Essential Guide

Is your blog branded? If it’s not, it’s time to get to work and start branding your blog. Branding isn’t just for businesses. Having a brand theme for your blog that extends to your social media can help readers identify your posts without even seeing the name.

So how do you go about branding your blog? I’m glad you asked. I’ve put together a list of essential tasks you need to do to brand your blog.

Branding Your Blog: The Essential Guide

Pick A Blog Name

This is one of the most important parts of your branding. If you are not using your name, you need to create a name, which relates to your blog content. Ensure that the name is memorable too. Another thing to think about when naming your blog is the domain name.  Is your blog name available as a domain name? If it’s not, you may want to think about alternatives.

Choose A Blog Theme

A blog theme can come in different forms and is essential to your branding. The theme can come in a ready made WordPress or Blogger template. Or creating it from scratch yourself. To find the theme for your blog, think about the content, and your blog mission. Then match your ideas with a theme. For example, if your blog is all about clean living, a clean non fussy template would work well.

Blog Colour Scheme

A blog colour scheme is a great way to bring some personality to your blog and branding. The colour scheme could be your favourite colour or a trending colour. It could be light, dark, or bright. The choices are endless. The most important thing is that it must go with your theme and content. For example, if you are reviewing rock bands, a pastel pink colour scheme, might not be the right choice.

Choose A Typeface

If you are using a template, changing the typeface, will help make your blog different. You can also use the typeface in other type of branding items, such as logo’s, or social media headers. When choosing a typeface, remember that not all of them, are easy to read on different devices. Plus, it must go with the rest of your branding.

Create Blog Graphics

Now that you know, your theme, colour schemes and typeface, you can create blog graphics. The number of graphics you need, will depend on your blog template, and social media platforms. At the very least you will need a logo, blog header, Facebook header and Twitter header. Plus, Youtube channel art, if you are focusing on Youtube, as well as a blog.

Social Media Branding

The great thing about social media is that you can customise your profile pages. You can make them match your blog branding without any issues. Not only can you customise the profile, you can use it as a blog extension. By publishing content in the voice of your blog. As mentioned before, you want to make sure everything you posts, shouts your blog. From a 240 character tweet to your Instagram pictures.


If you want to take your blog branding further, there are plenty of articles, full of 100+ tips. However, the tips I’ve shared, is  the very minimum you should be doing. By using them, you can create a well rounded brand, and add as you go.

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