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For my second instalment, of my blogging series, I’ve put together everything you need, to create a blog strategy. You may not think of your blog as a business. But, if you want to become successful. To make a decent living from it. Then you should really start thinking that it is one. And with all businesses you need to have a strategy.

Why Is A Blog Strategy Important?

Businesses use strategies, to define the company, what they are selling, their costs and their targets. This is to remain accountable, as well as having well thought out goals, to achieve. Using a blog strategy can do exactly the same thing.

What Is Need To Create A Blog Strategy?

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a short paragraph about why you created your blog. What your blog is about and the purpose your blog serves. One of the benefits, of creating a mission statement, is that it can be used for lots of purposes. It can be used on your about me page, it can be sent PR’s, and much more.

Blog Goals

This is probably the most important part of your blog strategy. Your blog goals! What would you like to achieve with your blog? This could be anything from making your blog your full-time career. Or perhaps raising awareness for a certain cause. Do you want to create or sell products from your blog? Include it in your goals. Also, include how many blog posts you are aiming to post per week.

Products & Services

Now you need to think of how you will monetise your blog. This could be in the form of affiliate links, sponsored posts, or selling products. There are many other ways to monetise your blog. Which I will go into more detail about later in this series.

Future Growth

This is a great way to put some figures against achievements. By putting an aim to a number of blog views you want by X date. Or you want X amount of followers by X date. Can help you focus on a goal to achieve them.

Financial Goals

If you want blogging to become your full-time job. Having financial goals in your blog strategy is important. This way you can see how much you want to make. Then figure out how you are going to do it. For example, you want to make a financial goal of £1000pm. How are you going to make this money? As an example… It could be in the form of 4 sponsored blog posts and the rest in affiliate payments.


Expenses for a blog? Yep, it’s real. You will have recurring expenses each month, for web hosting, scheduling platforms, etc. You will have expenses for products, travel and events. Then there are the one-time costs of web templates and graphics. These all need to be added to your strategy. To make sure you are staying on top of your money. If you don’t know how much it will be just put an educated estimate. It’s better to have something than nothing.


There are only a very few people in the world who are great at everything. From time to time, you may need to outsource tasks, to someone who can do it better than you. This could be fixing an issue on your website. Creating a blog header. Or even scheduling some content whilst you are away on holiday. Find out how much these things are likely to cost so you are prepared for it.

Blog Structure

How are you going to structure your blog? Are you the only one to post content? Or are you going to accept guest posts? How many blog posts are you going to post per week? Write these out and stick to them. It will help you remain consistent.


All of these are the basics of a blog strategy. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours to come up with it. Even, if you don’t achieve all your blogging goals, it will help you know what you want.

If you need any advice about creating your own blog strategy drop me an email. I’m more than happy to help.


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