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Hello There!

My name is Heather Scott-Pitts, and i’m delighted you’ve come to Primp Street, the lifestyle destination to help Women, to create the career and life they WANT.  I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far. As I want everyone who visits to leave, inspired, empowered, and delighted.

Now, a little bit about me, and the website!

First off, I should say why I started this website, which goes way back to when I finished school 13 years ago. I don’t know about the state of careers advice these days, but when I was leaving school and going to college, it was disastrous! I longed to be an airline hostess, but it wasn’t until the first week of college, that I found out I was too short for it. So, at a loss of what to do, and not knowing about the other career options in travel, I switched courses to hairdressing, so I would have a trade.

At a loss to what to do with my life, and only really being good at colouring hair, I took the first job that was offered to me. That job was an admin based role. Which I got stuck in for 10 years. 10 years of unhappiness, spending days on end unfulfilled, and not knowing what I could do, to get out of it.

Then about 5 years ago, I started to really get into blogs, social media and learning new skills. It helped, that my job at the time, was in a small business of 3 people, so I had to up my game and wear many hats. During that time I started to learn what I really enjoyed doing. My favourite part of my day, was creating content for the website, and interacting with people on social media. When I say it was my favourite part of the day, I mean it was the only part of my day, that I actually liked, and that took up an hour a day.

This leads up to 3 years ago, when I decided enough was enough, I wanted out. I knew I wanted to start my own business, for a very long time, but didn’t know how or what. So, I got my arse into gear, researched businesses, skills, and went on training courses. To start my own Social Media Marketing business 2 years ago.

The past 2 years have been the best of my life. I’m finally living a life that I WANT and doing things because I WANT to and not because I NEED to.

I really WANT to help other women, to live the life they WANT, which is why I started this blog. I know everyone has different ideas, on what they WANT out of life, so I’m focusing on subjects that will help with day to day life. As well as careers and business advice. Basically a one stop shop, to help you get to where you WANT to be, without endless searching on the internet to get inspiration, motivation and empowerment.

Coming Soon

As a way to help you get where you WANT to be in life, my team and I are coming up, with products to help you on your way. From, email courses, ebooks to services, we are working on them! In the meantime, make sure you keep coming back, for our content, and sign up to our emails. Where you can get updates, and from time to time, special offers.  

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I really love to hear from readers to help them with their career and life goals. It’s really important to get as much support as you can. Even if it’s virtual! Drop me an email today!

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