Lush Sleepy Lotion
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Lush Sleepy Lotion Review


Do you have trouble catching ZZZZ? Or perhaps you spend ages trying to get to sleep and once you are asleep you are dead to the world? Either way, I may have the solution for you! Lush Sleepy Lotion! If…

Branding Your Blog The Essential Guide
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Branding Your Blog

Business & Careers

Is your blog branded? If it’s not, it’s time to get to work and start branding your blog. Branding isn’t just for businesses. Having a brand theme for your blog that extends to your social media can help readers identify…

blog strategy
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How To Create A Blog Strategy

Business & Careers

For my second instalment, of my blogging series, I’ve put together everything you need, to create a blog strategy. You may not think of your blog as a business. But, if you want to become successful. To make a decent…

Essence Makeup Nail Polish in 02 Across The Universe
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Essence Makeup Nail Polish is Out Of Space!


I’ve used a few different products from Essence Makeup. I’ve been generally pleased with the quality and results. Obviously, some products are much better than others. I’ve tried a highlight palette, which one colour works as a bronzer, as I’m…